Truth Behind Obtaining a Sculpted Stomach The Top 11 Exercises To Build ABs

Truth Behind Obtaining a Sculpted Stomach The Top 11 Exercises To Build ABs

So there is all of these hooplas around reaching your dream six pack and walking on the beach looking like you’ve spent long hard days in the gym. one thing is for sure is that the the process is much more tedious and challenging than we all may see or think. Don’t get me wrong some people may reach results much faster than others based on efforts and consistency that’s just how life goes. The steps you need to take to have this AMAZING LOOK consist of…..

X- Understanding your starting point via body fat % if your % is high the process may take more work than those with a lower body fat % there is just less to work up against

X- Woman will have a harder time obtaining abs because their body needs more body fat to operate properly on a regular daily basis so it will be a much harder process but still very possible.

X- Cardio is not the only magic that will make this dream come true. don’t get me wrong it is a great way to burn calories but a well designed strength training program will be just as effective or more effective with interval/ Chainsaw style cardio based training to increase your metabolic rate and help get rid of a boat load of body fat. Don’t forget everyone is born with abs that’s why most kids have some sort of definition in their stomach area, its when you start to gain body fat they tend to fade away.

X- Last but not the least the most important of them all is your nutrition. Staying on a calorie deficit, eating a crap load of protein(muscle mass), drinking tons of water(flush sodium for bloating), maintaining a lower carb intake( on non heavy lift days) , cutting out liquor( empty calories) and eating lots of fiber(digestive system) will get you your dream abdominal look. TRACK EVERYTHING to keep you accountable on results.

  1. Bicycle kicks 3x25
  2. Elbow plank 3x30 seconds
  3. Bird dogs 3x25
  4. Straight leg lifts 3x25
  5. Mountain Climbers 3x25

Rest 45 seconds – 1 minute

  1. Superman Planks 3x30 seconds
  2. Side Planks 3x30 seconds
  3. Suitcase crunches 3x25
  4. Hanging knee raises 3x25
  5. Spiderman mountain climbers 3x25
  6. Russian Twist 3x25

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