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Helping People live happier, healthier lives through improved fitness, nutrition & mindset.

What Clients Say About TheFastFitness

"Training with Tev has improved my attitude and clears my mind. He listens to me to understand what I seek in training and adjusts his style to help me progress. He’s careful, observant, and motivating!"

– Maria Y.

"Tev has helped me achieve a lot with my fitness goals. I used to have super skinny (chicken) legs, was actually made fun of for it. Now, I can dead lift 350 lbs like a boss! Crazy about Tev, and love the progress we have made together. Friendship for life."

– Nathaniel B.

If you are looking to work hard, get results, and have fun in the process, Tevin is your guy! I have been training with Tevin for a few months, but it feels like longer because he immediately zeroed in on what I needed to progress in my fitness journey and pushed me raise the bar on my goals. He is knowledgeable, adaptable and most important, motivating during every session!

– Becca K.

Working with Tev the past few months has been a game changer in helping me accomplish my fitness goals. Tev's creativity allows us to find new exercises that are specific to how im feeling during each session. He is always encouraging and pushing me to be at my best while being attune to any potential injuries/sore spots. I have gained strength and muscle mass in areas where I didn’t previously have and looking forward to crushing more fitness goals together.

– Clara S.

I've struggled finding something that drove me to stay healthy and keep in shape as much as playing team sports. In the time working out with Tevin, I not only can feel the physical changes, but also have regained some of my competitive edge. As a trainer, Tev invests in your success in and out of the gym and he is constantly rooting for you. That energy and spirit is infectious. Tev has motivated me to want to be better and keep (crush) my fitness goals. Next up, pull-ups!

– Jen P.

My workout sessions with Tevin for the past two years have been fantastic on several levels. I’ve always been self motivated to be healthy, strong and in shape. Having discovered Tevin, his program, his knowledge and expertise have taken being in shape and felling good to a whole new level for me. The change and improvement throughout my body from stamina, strength in muscles I took for granted and balance have made training with Tevin en excellent investment in myself

– Scott S.

Tevin is an exceptionally experienced and dedicated trainer who pushes his clients to achieve their best, both in the gym and in their personal lives. His easy going demeanor and his total commitment to his clients’ physical and mental well-being really differentiates him as a trainer and is what allows him to help his clients excel in all aspects of their lives. I fully endorse him as a trainer

– Kevin S.

everybody is different.

Take Your Body to the Next Level


– American Council of Exercise Certified
– CEC’s | AED & CPR certified | Ace IFT model: Personal, training program design | Screen, steer, move | Practical pointers for group fitness
– Nike NTC PRO
– KettleBell Level 1 Certified
– Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
– Tier 3+ Equinox Sports Club Boston Trainer
– Battle Rope Expert
– Level 1 & 2 BoxNBurn Academy Coach
– Certified Functional Strength Coach


Body Analysis

I usually start my consultations off by performing an in-depth health assessment, using functional movement screenings and a body composition analysis, to gauge your most accurate fitness level.

Fitness Programs

Once fitness levels have been assessed, I design a custom workout routine for your goals, time constraints, & budget. I encourage, motivate & guide you to reach your health and fitness goals on a personalized level.

Health and Nutrition

As part of my training program, I'll work one-on-one with you as your nutrition coach to develop a meal plan that creates new and sustainable eating habits that still fit your lifestyle & will maximize your fitness goals.


My programs are flexible & specifically designed to help you reach your health & fitness goals. I'll work with you to customize an exercise & meal plan that reflects not only your short term goals but the long game as well.

A Leader in Fitness, Former Athlete + Work with Equinox Training

Upon obtaining a bachelors degree, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer shortly after and since have been training in Downtown Boston. While currently training to further my football career I am also just as passionate about helping my clients and followers reach their ultimate personal fitness goals. Every day, I wake up with great energy and motivation to share with those around me. My training focus includes high intensity interval training, strength and conditioning and explosive workouts. I use my Instagram profile “TheFastFitness_” as a way to share my workouts, motivate and inspire those seeking a fitness lifestyle.

As an aspiring entrepreneur I seek with high hopes an opportunity to showcase my hard work and talents wherever possible. My take away message is to be you, work hard, smile, eat well, expand your knowledge every day, and life will give back to you.

Getting in shape
shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness, and while there may be sore muscles along the way, the amount of fun and levels of energy you will experience will far exceed the discomfort.

While Specializing in weight loss training, I also offer many other types of personal training programs that are designed around your needs, including individualized programs, athletic & sports training, cardiovascular conditioning & functional fitness, muscle building, muscle toning, injury rehab, mind-body connection, nutrition coaching, fitness for seniors and more.


I chose to do this for a living because I love to serve and help others build the confidence they need to become a better form of themselves through health and fitness. There is no better feeling than knowing my clients know and feel they can partake in physical activities with their significant others for an extended period of their life. My goal is to become some sort of mogul for young people, so they know what it takes to become successful in this competitive world we live in

Personalized Workout Guides Tailored For Your Goals

I’m passionate about making an impact on all of my client’s lives no matter the situation. Whether you’re an athlete looking to gain an edge on the competition or an adult trying to look great for your wedding day. You’ve come to the right place. Fill out the form and I’ll be in touch!

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