Functional Fitness First Then BodyBuilding Second

Functional Fitness First Then BodyBuilding Second
  1. While being all buff, curls for the girls and massive chests is great. Those are the type of goals that lead to early injuries and quick, empty success. Especially if you are a beginner in strength training or just new to the gym in general.
  2. We all want to reach goals as quickly as possible to reach those goals functional fitness is the best way to start. The reason being is you want to make sure your body is stabilized properly and moving properly before you start loading it with heavy weight.

3. Taking a 3-4 phase approach to my program design STABILITY/MOBILITY/MOVEMENT should be the beginning phases of any program design especially if you are beginner to strength training or returning to the gym after a grueling season in sports. These type of exercises are also great for those who are extremely sore or fatigued from a previous workout or long day as recovery. After the beginning phases are accomplished thoroughly we shall move on to the LOAD and PERFORMANCE to obtain optimal results. With this approach you will be built to conquer any athletic challenge.

There is a group of foundational movement patterns








Any type of equipment such as light dumbbells, medicine balls and resistance cables etc can be used to add to your performance. Doing these type of movement based exercises will help to improve coordination between numerous muscles, enhancing the ability to generate strength throughout the complete range of motion of the plane your moving through (Frontal/Sagital/Transverse/Horizontal).

  1. Long term this will be much more effective on muscle memory, joint pain and common gym injuries will decrease, while also improving balance and posture.
  2. With all these finer details intact everything else as far as strength and mass goals will come much more organically with zero setbacks. All results, All gains.
  3. Don’t forget every individual is an individual so there is no perfect program for everybody programs need to be designed to fit a specific person. Based on previous fitness activity and injury.

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